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Clinical Logistics Services

Shipment of investigational medical products (IMP) and study material to CEE (Central and Eastern European) countries can be a challenge due to different local import and export regulations. In addition, export of study equipment and biological samples can be subject to separate national rules.

With more than 14 years of experience in running clinical trials all over Europe CONET's team guides you through the administrative process to obtain the necessary import and export licenses. We will serve you in any aspect such as planning of logistics, translating documents into local language or guidance on local legal requirements.

CONET's logistic services include:

  • Logistical and regulatory support
    Obtaining the necessary licenses can be a time-consuming process, especially when several local authorities are involved. CONET's team has the knowledge and the experience to expedite the authorization processes.

    CONET can also help you plan for and overcome other obstacles along the way. For example, unique customs requirements for the importation of IMP and study material have to be considered. Especially in countries outside the EU, for instance in Russia or Ukraine, customs procedures can require extra time and cost and this must be taken into account during initial study planning. Courier companies have to be carefully selected as their performance can differ from one country to another.

  • Procurement of import/export licenses
  • Import and export of investigational medical products (IMP), biological samples and study material
  • Handling of customs procedures
  • Coordination of vendors for receipt, storage, distribution and destruction of investigational medical products (IMP) according to GMP regulations
  • Customs clearance and overseeing IMP distribution
  • Inventory management of study supplies, including oversight of IMP expiration dates and management of the re-labeling process if applicable
  • Central storage facilities
    For storage of IMP under controlled GMP conditions, we cooperate with partner companies in Eastern Europe. They have central storage depots where IMP will be stored and handled in compliance with Standard Operating Procedures, ICH-GMP and with the current legislations of the respective countries. IMP will be stored and handled under controlled temperature and humidity levels in secure and round-the-clock monitored surroundings.

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