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CONET Service in Russia

Our team in Moscow provides local presence and expertise conducting clinical trials in Russia and neighboring countries and has operated in close cooperation with our headquarters in Mannheim since 1998.

Conet in Russia

Russia has become a strategic geographic area in the drug development process, with well-educated and experienced physicians and a vast population of patients who are interested in clinical trial participation. This has often been of special interest for our clients as from Russia you have access to major Russian speaking
countries. Moscow offers many advantages for conducting clinical trials, including an excellent healthcare infrastructure with well trained and highly motivated investigators. In recent years many hospitals
have been modernized to meet or even exceed Western standards.

Our CONET team in Moscow offers special service in:
  • Regulatory Affairs
    Our colleagues in Moscow have the knowledge of local regulatory
    requirements and the necessary contacts to manage the regulatory process in Russia and neighboring countries.

  • Clinical Monitoring
    Our team in Moscow consists of experienced and well-trained physicians who will perform the monitoring activities in Russia and in other Russian speaking countries on your behalf.

  • Project Management
    Project Management will be performed in general at CONET's headquarters in Mannheim, Germany. Depending on client or study needs, project management can be supported by our highly qualified team in Russia, also. However, our clients will always have one allocated contact person managing the study teams in all countries.

  • Import and Export of IMP and Study Material
    Customs concerns can be a hurdle for import of study medication into Russia and other non-EU countries and may often cause significant delays. CONET's team in Russia knows how to handle customs procedures for a smooth import and export process.
    For more information please see Clinical Logistic Services.

  • Translation
    CONET's employees in Russia are native speakers offering translations from Russian into English and from English into Russian for:
    • Subject / patient information sheets and informed consent forms
    • CRFs, patient diaries and SAE reports
    • Correspondence with Ethics Committees and competent authorities
    • Medical reports
    • Presentations
    • Scientific and marketing-effective presentations
    • SUSAR-Reports / SAEs

CONET's team in Russia can also offer the additional service of proofreading study protocols and Investigators Brochures (IB). Please feel free to contact us anytime for more information on how CONET Russia can meet your needs.

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